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Pump Truck Rentals

Take your projects to new heights with Brawdy Construction's dynamic Pump team. No job too big or small – we've got the power and precision to handle them all. Elevate your concrete game today!

Introducing our latest service addition: Concrete pumping by Brawdy Construction. Our skilled team tackles a variety of projects, including concrete slabs, decks, footers, block walls, concrete walls, and columns. When traditional concrete trucks can't reach your location, our specialized equipment steps in. Experience service that surpasses expectations—call us today for a smoother pour.

Lockport Hospital Roof Pour
Brookfield Country Club Addition

Count on us for seamless pours with our fleet of pump trucks. Our flagship, the SCHWING S 36 X, boasts a towering 118-foot horizontal reach (36 meters), perfect for large-scale projects towering up to 8 stories. Precision meets versatility 7with our compact 28Meter pump, offering a 75-foot reach and a low unfolding height of just 19.19 feet. Need optimal performance in varied scenarios? Our 31 Meter pump delivers with a 85-foot reach and enhanced flexibility.

No matter your project size or complexity, we tailor a cost-effective pumping solution to fit your budget and timeline. Experience service that surpasses expectations—call us today for a smoother pour.

Hilton Hotel

Schwing S28

Schwing S31XT

Schwing S36X

Desales HS

Schwing S28

Cost Per Hour - $175

Schwing 31XT

Cost Per Hour - $195

Schwing S36X

Cost Per Hour - $225

Equipment Operator

Cost Per Hour Straight- $105

Cost Per Hour OT -$ 145

Rental Example

If you were to rent the S36X to pour 100 cy in Buffalo, NY and placement is four hours of straight time, your bill would look like below.

pump rates.png

*Please note that the information above is for estimation purposes and does not guarantee final pricing or terms.

Pump Rental Contact

Thanks for reaching out!

Contact Dillon Adamczak for all inquiries

(716) 908-3126

General Terms

  • No fuel surcharges.

  • All material expenses, ordering and coordination of materials by customer.

  • Customer responsible for ordering grout as necessary.

  • Adequate truck access and staging by customer.

  • Pump clean out/discharge area must be provided. Clean up and removal of cleanout by customer.

  • Concrete mix must be pumpable. Prior mix design submission recommended.

  • Customer must provide adequate labor to manage hardline pipe including setup, breakdown, cleaning, and loading.

  • Customer responsible for lost concrete and/or downtime due to equipment failures if a backup/standby pump is not rented.

  • Operators will not set up or work within 20ft of electrical lines.

  • Customer takes responsibility for jobsite delays, weather, scheduling of ready-mix trucks or any other time delay.

  • Brawdy construction reserves the right to make final determination on all above terms and conditions.

Truck Terms

  • All projects have a 4 hr minimum plus required travel time.

  • Additionally, a $4/cy pump fee is applicable.

  • Pump truck rates do not include operator labor costs.

  • Hardline pump usage fee of $50/10’ stick applies as used.

Labor Terms

  • Straight time is Monday – Friday, 7am – 4am

  • Overtime is anytime outside of the above hours or over 8hrs a day.

  • Travel time is billed at $125/hr (1 hr Total minimum)

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